Monday, August 13, 2012

Force of Fate Time Line

Force of Fate - Letters to Oma Time Line

Finally figured out a way to have others know about my blog. As I said, I'm a fast learner. By joining other blogs I get to advertise mine as well. There is hope after all.
Today I wanted to ad something to my story in the form of a timeline. I had never given this a thought in the past but recently some events occurred to me that gave me back some of my life and this led me to thinking. So here goes the timeline of my life:

1945    I was born in a small war ravaged town in western Germany.
1951    First day of school and an education that would lay the world at my feet.
1958    Journey to America, "Land of Opportunity".
1958    My travels across America began. Youngstown, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, Portland, Oregon,
            Yelm, Washington, Sacramento, California, Florissant, Colorado, Minneapolis, Minnesota,
            Aberdeen, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, Jamison,
1963    Pennsylvania.
1964    Enlist in the United States Air Force in Philadelphia, PA Off to Lackland AFB, San Antonio,
            Texas for basic training.
1964    Assigned to 3404 School Squadron, Keesler AFB, Biloxi MS
1965    Assigned to 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, Hunter AFB, GA
1965    While assigned to 53rd WRS received SECRET clearance.
1965    Applied for US Citizenship
1965    TDY, Task Flight Delta in support of Operation Arclight, Clark AFB, Phillipines
1966     Received TOP SECRET clearance, Sheepdipped
1966     Returned to 53rd WRS, reapplied for US Citizenship
1966     PCS to Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico
1967     TDY to Eglin AFB, FL, TDY to Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal
1968     Discharged honorably from US Air Force, assigned to Air Force Reserves.
1968     Applied for employment at AEL Laboratories, Lansdale, PA denied because of lack of          
1968     Obtained employment at Fabri-Tek, Fort Washington, PA
1968     Recruiting began by agents of federal government.
1970     Fabri-Tek closed Ft. Washington office forcing me to find other employment.
1972     Came to an agreement with federal agency.

What I have laid out here is basically the time line for my first book. Book One is complete but awaiting publication. Book Two begins by slightly overlapping the time line beginning in 1968.
Once Book Two is ready for publication I will write a time line for said book as well. To most novices in the field of Black Opps and Spies some of the jargon may seem alien. Believe me it was alien to me for many years until the government explained it in more detail. As an example: 1966 sheepdipped. This a word used sparingly because of its meaning. When one becomes sheep dipped all information available about this person is expunged. The person assumes at that point a new identity. Being married makes this very cumbersome since you are living two lives at once. My second book addresses this in more detail. I can tell you this much, it took until 2012 for me to get back my real identity with many blacked out events on paper.
I hope having given this information will give me some feedback or questions from those who visit my blog. If you visit and let me know of it I will look and follow your blog as well.
Thank You.


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  1. Wow, I bet you have seen some pretty incredible things in your lifetime!

    Cheers to you,
    Courtney Hosny