Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Espionage 101 and more....

Before the month of July slips into history, I think it's time to add some more thoughts to my developing story. The book is finished. Three of the illustrations that will be featured in the book are complete and another three have been started. The fund-raising for publication is all laid out with the only hang-up being the short trailer that is supposed to explain what we are doing, why we doing it and how it will all come together. I am very blessed to have three sons who, each in their own way, are perfectionists. My beef is with my youngest son. Fortunately for me, he is involved in the movie industry. So having a short trailer made for the fundraising should be a piece of cake...WRONG. My son thinks everything he works on has to be Academy Award worthy. WRONG AGAIN. This is a simple video of someone explaining all that I mentioned above. Some do it very seriously, some do it with humor and some, well let's just say they do something. Once the trailer is done we can post our request on www.kickstarter.com and cross our fingers that we will reach our goal. Here is where I rely on all the friends who have signed me up on their facebook, all my family members and friends not on facebook to come to my aid and pledge any amount to help me publish this book. Yes, the book is important to me, but I want it to be important for many reasons. I want people to understand what is out there and who is out there doing it without ever receiving any credit or a pat on the back. We do it because we believe in the cause. Our freedom and that of every citizen of this great nation.
Please look at this blog, read it and make my wish come true to make this knowledge available to all. I will update with further information as it comes available.
Folks, I need some feedback, so please leave a comment. Tell me what you think. My mind is open, believe me I can criticism.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012

Air Weather Reconnaissance Association - WB-57F Night Intruder

For a number of years I have been a Lifetime Member of the Air Weather Reconnaissance Association (AWRA). At the time when I paid my dues I thought it important to belong to the organization that best represented my squadron throughout my military life. It took me some time to realize that not everything in life is black & white. I was one of those that could be considered "grey". I knew from a conversation I had years ago with my shop chief that I was not the only odd-ball in a very selective group of men. I have since found (and lost again) a web page written by that other odd-ball. It was the only time I ever read his real story and found out his first name only. He too wanted to tell the world what it all about but had the same fears I exhibited.
Through a year of psychiatrist and psychologist sessions, those fears were finally minimized and I was encouraged to write my book. I also returned to become a more active member of AWRA. In August 2012, AWRA will have their annual reunion. This year it will be  a joint reunion with Air Weather Association (AWA). They, together, will celebrate 75 years of air weather service. The reunion will be held near Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska. This sounded good enough for me to take a hike out west especially when I read that the guest speaker was an associate from NASA. The topic was the two remaining WB-57F still in service with NASA. Again my interest was peaked. Then an update was issued and the news was that the last WB-57F stored at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona was being transferred to an unknown location and totally rebuild to join the fleet of two at Johnson Space Center, Ellington Field. There went my hopes of ever using the last
WB-57F in any movie I made plan in the future. So all said and done; I'm staying home this year, again.
It would appear that the fleet currently with NASA is not enough to complete all the mission handed them by the various governmental agencies, the military and civilian contracts.
Just one footnote on the current WB-57F at NASA, one was spotted in 2007 in Afghanistan with all NASA logos removed. We have gone International again.

All photos courtesy NASA JSP

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012

Guess I'm on a roll. Three days in a row. But still noone posted but me. Guess noone is reading it or they have no opinion yet, So today let me give you a taste of the book. I'm posting the Prologue. The beginning of both the book and me. Hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments so I don't feel so alone.


The Birth

“Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which you look out upon a stupendous prospect.”
- William MacNeile Dixon

A familiar gray light filled the room through small slat windows near the ceiling.  The sounds, although familiar given the current situation in her country, were more unnerving than usual and caused her to shiver under her heavy wool clothing.  She pulled the outer layer closer and watched the midwife stroke her daughter’s hair as the young girl bent in half over another contraction.  She wished she could bear the pain for her. Even knowing what the results would be could not relieve a mother’s anguish at seeing her daughter in pain.  She felt the need to walk and paced back and forth happy that from this angle she was temporarily invisible to her daughter who would most certainly find this action annoying.  For a few moments, she attempted to burn off some of the nervousness and then embraced a hand to offer support through yet another contraction.  The midwife had given permission for Therese to begin pushing through them and she heard the intensified pain in her daughter’s screams.

            The house shook as another bomber wing raided the skies overhead and the family huddled closer around the young girl attempting to give them another soul to love and cherish.  With the support of her family, the midwife, and another long push a scream broke through the silence; this time one that caused all to look relieved and happy.  The girl cried out for her baby as her body curled over itself for another three  pushes, providing the baby boy full access to his new world.  She was so ecstatic to see and hold her new grandson, she needed to escape the confines of the dark, damp basement and take in what little light remained above.  Climbing the stairs from basement to main floor, then to the second floor, and finally to the attic, she found the small ladder that her husband had placed in the corner for the chimney sweep.  Seeing it, she stopped momentarily and wished that the man she had loved for so many years were here to experience this joyous occasion.  She said a few words expressing this to the man as if he were standing right before her, then continued with her intended action.  Grabbing the ladder, she headed for the small attic window overhead.

            The window was like a small round shutter, hinged in the middle.  She pushed it open, so that it hung perpendicular to the floor and looked out at the American Bombers overhead.  The sky was gray and dusty, light hit miniscule pieces of debris that floated slowly toward the ground, causing it to appear more like glitter and confetti celebrating what had just happened three floors below.  The planes, now directly overhead sent the fragments spinning out of control and filled her ears with the loud buzz of their engines.  She imagined her grandson flying a plane like that someday -- the mental image was so clear, so life -- like that she knew that it was not a dream, but a premonition of things to come.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Guess my way to start telling you a little about my book is to give you the summary, so here it is:

Since the Revolutionary War, America has used brave men and women to conduct very secret spy operations. The Culper Gang was, perhaps, the first organized group to extract information from the British and pass it on to General George Washington. Since the late seventeen hundreds, thousands of civilians have carried on this same task, risking life and liberty, to assure that this country would never be in the dark about its enemies. Today, that task of providing a clear window to the world still stands and, although the military has assumed a greater portion of the job, civilians continue to be the best source for information.

‘Black Ops’ defines militarily or civilian operations where the missions often fit into the plausible deniability category, in which there is no claim of responsibility for the action. The men and women used for such operations are ‘expendable’; that is, if found, the government would deny any connections with the individuals, even if loss of life occurs because of the inaction. The purpose of this book, and its coming sequel, was to tell the story of such operations without giving up a single person. I understand that, as humans, we all will come to a time when we will pass from this Earth. However, persons who have operated in secrecy all of their lives will pass and no one will ever know the extent to which they went to preserve the American freedoms.

Today, we read much about the Navy Seals, Delta Force, Army Rangers, and the US Air Force Red Berets. But, very infrequently do we hear about civilian operatives who have made their mark on this country. Julia Childs, the world renowned chef, was an operative for the OSS during World War II. Chuck Barris exposed his participation with the CIA, which brought about the usual response from the agency: "We can neither deny nor affirm the fact that Mister Barris ever worked for this agency." And, so it goes, with thousands of us who know, but cannot say because the first item given us was an oath to never tell anyone… not even our families.

I started this project because I believe our children and grandchildren should know the extent that ordinary people went through to guarantee them the freedom that they and we enjoy. When my time comes, I know I will pass without any fanfare, without any 'Thank You', but I will know that I did what was expected of me and did so without any regrets. My family still believes that I loved my country more than my family, and it is hard to explain to them that I did for my country because I loved my family so much.
In the words of my Ghost Writer, Darcie Duraneeau:

From the final days of the Second World War there sprung the life of a German boy who, after facing much adversity, rose to impressive ranks.  It wouldn’t be in the country of his ancestors, but in the United States of America, where he would find his wings; the fate that his Oma had predicted at such an early age.  The Force of Fate is based on the true story of this man who was born in the wreckage, but able to rise far above it.  This first in a two part series details the upbringing, training, and decisions that would lead to a life kept so secret that even his wife, who held his heart and shared his bed, would know little of how his time was spent. 
For the time being I am using an assumed name, Brian Bunratti. Again this is done to protect all of us who are involved in this book. I am hopeful that within the next few months this secrecy can be lifted when I am resurrected and allowed to be myself again.
I want to take this opportunity to thank those who have visited my blog and as I mentioned I will update and give more information as I continue to write within these pages.

Have a great day!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8, 2012

 Can't believe I actually started my blog. I guess it's time to explain to you my purpose. Yes I wrote a book (with the help of a ghost writer). For 40 years I have been living with the material that went into this book but was afraid to speak out. Now that I have reached the "Golden Years", I thought it appropriate to tell my story so that my grandchildren and perhaps yours will know of the sacrifices some people have made for their wellbeing and their freedoms. We, the people, have been entertained for ages through movies and books about International Spies, Black Ops or other such endeavors. We have always been given the heat of the battle or the chase of the mission but seldom have we seen the star as a regular man or woman, a family person, father, mother sister, brother or child of someone. If James Bond was a real person and he is not, he is a character from some Ian Fleming Novels, he would have been James Bond, the young boy long before he became 007. After he completed his last mission as 007 he would still have been a James Bond, old man. That is the jist of my book. The characters are real, only the names have been changed. They are real live people who gave of themselves to make our world and yours a better place and most important safer.
I will attempt to add to my blog more details about the story and the book as details become available. I will try to do this 3 times a week for now.
As you visit my blog I invite you to leave comments or ask questions. I will be glad to answer them if I can (or if I'm allowed). I will under no circumstances reveal anything associated with nation security or compromise any names of real persons. I hope you understand that.

First Cover for book

'Til next time

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Welcome to my blog

July 7, 2012 Welcome to my blog. This is my first attempt at creating such an up-to-date communication media. Today is also the end of my physical writing of my new book and the beginning of the printing and marketing precess. Hence the name "Greywolf Force of Fate". The name of the book is "Force of Fate"  "Letters to Oma". Several things still have to happen. First I have to aquire funds and here I'm using the services of Kickstarter.com. This side posts my trailer and the amounts of money required to publish, then people like you can invest in my project. The amount vary from $1.00 to $1,000.00. Each level offers something in return. Once we have worked out all the details, I will post everything here as well. I'm also working with Createspace.com to self-publish the book as well as making it available through ebook channels. So thanks for looking and leave me any comments you wish. Remember I'm new at this but I promise I learn fast.
Thank you from Greywolf