Friday, September 28, 2012

Fate - To believe or not to believe

In the first chapter of my book, my Oma referred to my Fate to be something other than what my birth dictated I should be as "Schicksal". All my life I have taken this single word and believed in it. It drove me to be what I am today. It gave me characters I should not have been and it gave me characters I did not want to be. A single word spoken by my maternal grandmother made me believe I was invincible. I have stared death in the face more often than a cat with nine lives and I am still here. So I believe in Fate. What has me perplexed is that fate has no time restraints attached to it. I have finished writing my book after twenty years of living it, after waiting forty more years to write it and then finally taking two more years of putting it on paper. Now that it is finished, I am paying the waiting game once more. One of the good, yet bad in my mind, traits fate has given me is the " to be organized" at all times. I am not superficially organized, so you can cannot see my organization within the mess that surrounds me, but I am organized in my mind has to how events must occur in a certain order to be successful. So now the book sits and waits for certain things to fall in place and I have no control over those events. Bummer.... I sit here every day and I am going nuts. Well, at least I feel that I'm heading in that direction. Some people will tell you I'm already there. I truly hope by the time I make my next entry into my Blog things will be moving forward again and I can get out of this funky mood I'm in.

50 Years and counting, the WB-57F are stilling flying high. The way it looks they may around for another 20 years. Usually planes are replaced because they are obsolete or new models are developed that can do the job better, faster and sometimes a little cheaper. This plane was so far ahead in its field that no design have been necessary and even when there were new designs, they came and went while this "Blackbird" is still flying. The SR-71 was one example of that. A great airplane but very expensive to run.
So to all my friends who are anxiously awaiting the book, please be patient. We are getting there.

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  1. Wish you good luck with ya book whenever it does not matter in which age you release it, all that matters is your conviction...
    And at the face of it, you seem like a guy from the air force...I guess you should fill in the facts about Yourself in the About Me page...good stop by my blog as well and feel free to leave your comments. I've written on various subjects, would appreciate your comments as well..

    Seeta Rajesh Nawagekar
    Author - The Cup of Life
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