Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day - One of our precious freedoms.

Election Day! Glad it is here and by tomorrow all these senseless ads will be gone. May the best man win. I have my fingers crossed, for what, I don’t know. I can now concentrate on what matters to me.

Today I want to take a piece out of my book and explain it a little further. At the beginning of each chapter there are quotes by famous people. The quotes relate to the material in the chapter, for the most part. Chapter 6 has a quote from The Wall written by -Roger Waters

 “Mother's gonna keep you right under her wing, She won’t let you fly, but she might let you sing.”

These words have a great meaning to me. Throughout the beginnings of the book, the reader will notice that within the family circle, we used music as our crutches. A way to pick us up and turn the spirits back to happy. I really enjoyed what music did for me, it was an escape, it soothed my feelings and certainly it was pleasant to the ears. I sang with my mother and my Oma. When I finally attended the Volksschule    ( Public School) music came into life again during 6th grade. I must explain that I was more a “shower singer” even though we did not have showers, let alone hot water in Germany at that time. So I made sure that I did not have to choir practice and when I was found out and had to make that climb to the 4th floor, I flunked out.

Now that I am in my sunset years and I look back I can understand much better. My surroundings mattered to me to be able to sing. I was a loner. The public made me nervous. No wonder I was perfect for my job in the USAF. They were looking for a loner, one who could survive being alone. You cannot be more alone than flying at altitudes where the air is so thin that if you sang no-one would be able to hear you. But I was not alone, I flew with a pilot. Believe me most of our 10 hour flights were 90% silence.

So know I look back on my life and I have to say that ‘ my life was not music but music was my life’. I became a listener. No one genre of music was really my favorite. Music, in general, was my enjoyment. During my service days one thing was altered, and that is that I felt comfortable around my comrades that I once again began to participate in making music. Could I ever succeed on America has Talent? NO, I’m not that brazen. In the sixties music was different and we , as GIs, blended our talents in such a way that what came out was acceptable. My one shining moment during this time was omitted from the book to save trees. During my stay at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi, my friend and I ended up at the University of Mississippi when they had a talent show. Since not all the acts that signed up showed on that evening, the show was scheduled to be cut short. Some good friends of ours convinced the professor in charge that we might be able to fill in some of that time. Certainly not my idea, but my friend was a born ham and beamed from ear to ear. By the time we finished our second song the place was going nuts, so we did one more. It was this impromptu performance that later in the book leads to my revisit to the university.

So I did not listen to momma, I choose flying over singing. I do not regret it one bid. The only thing I regret is that I crawled into my shell deeper and it has taken me 40 years to stick my head back out.

On another matter, still working on the final phases to my book. The writing is complete. Kickstarter.com is all set up to try and obtain the finances to publish. Still waiting for the video trailer. CreateSpace.com is set up to publish both paperback format and eBooks. I spoke to my filmmaker son and he says that perhaps during the Thanksgiving visit we can complete the video and finish the whole project.

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New Cover of Book, work still in process. Createspace artists will work with this to actually come up with a workable model.

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  1. Wow - Getting closer. I am glad to hear that. I am still waiting for my cover stuff to be sent to me so I can work on it.

    Can't wait to see it finished.