Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yes, tonight is another episode of SlushHeap. Looking forward to some good info and some great book covers.
Looks like I'm finally going to take Force of Fate to print. People are asking me for the book and I can only the electronic version. Have to get with the times, no wait, I'm in the times, well whatever I have to meet the wishes of my readers.
Hope to see or hear from some of you tonight.


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  2. Rudi - I thoroughly enjoyed participating in tonight's show. I picked up information that I can use. The group of people involved are truly amazing. I think this show will help many who are in my position of publishing and promoting my book for the first time. You are truly what I expected when meeting you for the first time, a kind-hearted soul.

    I have your book in my Amazon cart and will be downloading it very soon. I look forward to hearing your story.